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"Draw Only" Service: from £15

We can work from your own property sketches, architect's planning or building warrant drawings, and can also recreate / upgrade plans from an existing brochure if required. We have substantial experience of combining multiple plans at differing scales, page sizes and mixtures of metric and imperial units into a single plan for reproduction at A4. Wherever possible, we prefer to work from original plans whether A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0, page size is not a problem. In fact, bigger is usually better. If you're sending us a sketch, we recommend that you use our 1:100 graph paper.

Click on an image below to view "Before & After" samples for each type of data source:

View "Before & After" gallery
View "Before & After" gallery
View "Before & After" gallery
Agent's Hand Sketch
Architect's Plans
Existing Brochure