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Most buyers these days expect to be able to view a floor plan either within a printed brochure or on the web.  Similarly, most sellers expect their selling agent to offer this service. Increasingly, the most requested items from prospective buyers browsing the web, are property prices and floor plans.  Down-sizers appreciate floor plans to help them space plan their cherished furniture items. Property renovators need accurate plans that clearly differentiate between structural masonry and stud partition walls.

Honeygram Ltd provides quality floor plans to leading estate agents and property marketing professionals. We offer a friendly, personal service and have specialised exclusively in the production of residential floor plans since 1999.

We believe that floor plans should enhance property particulars by being both pleasing to the eye and as accurate as possible. This removes the need for those dubious long-winded disclaimers which attempt to absolve everyone of any responsibility for anything contained therein. There's much truth in the old adage: "you can have it quick, or you can have it right". Naturally, we always strive to achieve both, but never the former at the expense of the latter.

If you're dissatisfied with the quality of plans produced by your current provider, or are frustrated at the limitations of portable sketching software, why not give us a call?